It’s Tuesday! Time to meet another Bold Boss! Today, we’re featuring Jade Spicer. Jade is a model, blogger, and influencer who believes that “every body is art.” She inspires us to love our “beautiful flaws” with her views on diversity of plus bodies. AND, she provides comfort and safety to others through her work in the medical field. She is art, indeed! 

Bold Magazine: Tell us all about you!

Jade Spicer: Hello, Beauties, I am Jade. I am a 28-year-old St. Louis native. I absolutely love traveling, modeling, reading, trying new restaurants and much more. I started modeling in 2017, but took a long break to finish x-ray school and other personal matters and I started blogging for the first time this year, which I am overly excited about!

Bold: What type of modeling do you do? How did you get started as a model? What’s an average work week like for you?

JS: As of right now, just freelance modeling, but my goal is to be a print model one day. How I started modeling was in a group called The Dangerous Curves in St. Louis. A friend of mine told me about it and wanted me to come to one of the photo shoots and I am glad I did. An average work week for me is working my day job at a local hospital and at-home photo shoots once a week.

Bold: Describe your personal style. What are some of your signature colors,

styles, and accessories? 

JS: Now, I am in love with afro indie style, but my personal style is boho indie style. I love all colors but my signature color is yellow. I absolutely love this color on my skin!

Bold: If you could go back in time and give yourself advice as a young human,

what would you tell her? 

JSI would tell her that she is so beautiful and to keep her head held high because her crown is going to fall. My advice to her would be stop worrying about what others thought of you, wear what you want and to tell yourself everyday in the mirror how beautiful you are!

Bold: What is your “day job” like?

JS: My day job is a CT technologist at a local level 1 hospital in St. Louis, MO. I am still a rookie in the radiology world, but I am excited for what my career will bring me in the coming years.  

Bold: What does being an influencer/model mean to you? What do you hope it

means to others? 

JS: Being a model to me means that I may not be the normal plus-sized model, meaning coke bottle shaped, flat belly and not too many sweet rolls, but to show the world that there are different plus-sized body types and every single one of them are beautiful. What I hope it means for others is that they too, can do it and that their bodies are beautiful as well!

Bold: What does beauty mean to you? 

JS: Beauty, to me, means that you are your own beauty and piece of art. God made you and everyone else his own beautiful piece of art.

Bold: How has your body image and self-esteem changed over the years? 

JS: It has blossomed so much in the last years but this year alone, it has grown tremendously into a beautiful rose bush. My younger years, I hated my body, hated the way I looked, I hated everything from head to toe. I hated my body image so much that I would just look in the mirror and tell myself how ugly and fat I was and that no one would love me because of how fat and ugly I was. I had the lowest of the low of self-esteem, I cried so much when I was alone about having low self-esteem. I thought I would never get out of that. After my breakup from my ex-boyfriend last December, I told myself that 2020 will be my year to genuinely love all of me for me and it really has!

Bold: Who are some people who inspire you? JS: Simone Mariposa, Michelle Obama, Nao, and Ndeye Peinda.

Bold: Do you have a message you want to leave with our readers? 

JS: That you are beautiful in every way possible. God did not create you or I to be the same as everyone else, but to be our own beautiful masterpiece! I challenge you to look in the mirror everyday and tell not only yourself, but your body, how beautiful it is and all the beautiful flaws it has.  

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