Bold is thrilled to present our latest platform for celebrating the world of Plus Bodies! Every Friday, we’ll be featuring the work and story of an artist who devotes their talent and passion to the idea that plus bodies deserve representation and admiration! 

Today, we feature Flore, a 35 year-old artist, graphic designer, and mother, whose passion is raising awareness of Lipoedeme (Lipedema) through her art.

Flore has worked in Cambodia and Paris and recently moved to a more remote area of France to raise her child and become a freelance artist.

She states, “Now I have time. I decided to use my skill to talk about a subject I do care about.” 

The most important goal for Flore is to share awareness about Lipedema, which she herself lives with. Her art has grown into an Instagram account that depicts real bodies with Lipedema, (although sometimes she recreates iconic female shapes like The Birth of Venus or Snow White!) and educates people on the condition.  

Flore comments, “My goal is to publish a book, comic book about it. There is none in France and I do think that it will be useful.”

Bold agrees! Representation is useful everywhere! 

Follow Flore on Instagram at: @fc.lipoedeme