We’re so excited to share The Barberhop’s interview with Roulette Delgato and Bold Holdings CEO Christopher Salute . This interview was also featured on Plus Size Appreciation Day’s official Website!

From being born in prison and bouncing around different foster homes, to opening for Boo Bomb 6 at the Moda Center in front of 20,000 people, Roulette Delgato is changing the Portland music scene with his body affirming, Pride representing, heavy concept hitting music. A rapper, singer, and songwriter born and raised in Portland, Oregon, he is best know for crystal clear, rapid speed vocal ability, a slow and witty metaphoric flow, as well as a unique singing voice all layered over arena smacking instrumentals.

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From Hip-Hop, to R&B, and anything in between, his style and finesse is unmatched. He has been doing music for twenty years and counting and has a multitude of live performances under his belt. Roulette Delgato is the recipient of four West Coast Hip-Hop Awards. One for Video of the Year for his out of the box themed video “Android” (2014), Artist of the Year (2016), the “Courage Award” (2018) for facing adversity as an openly gay artist, and most recently “Portland’s Rapper of the Year Award” (2019). Recently, Roulette Delgato won JAMN’ 107.5’s “Take the Stage” contest to earn himself the only local act at 2019’s Boo Bomb 6, where he opened for the likes of IceCube, E-40, ZAPP Band, Ginuwine, and Baby Bash. “Once that pride flag was placed around my neck and became a cape in front of 20,000 people, I knew I was a super hero and I would change lives. I am using my platform to fight for love, unity, and most importantly, equality.” – Roulette Delgato Roulette Delgato has many record breaking accomplishments including: Being the first local, LGBTQIA+ person of color to perform on the Moda Center. The first artist to perform on a float for Beaverton, OR’s pride parade. The first LGBTQIA+ person of color to perform at the Central Oregon Pride Celebration. Roulette Delgato is an advocate for philanthropy and has participated in 3 large benefit concerts with his associative label, HAFLife Entertainment, raising money for non-profits such as the Doernbecher Foundation, YWCA Women’s and Children’s Center, and Boxes of Love. Roulette Delgato’s energy, passion, and intentions continue to inspire people of all backgrounds as he continues to raise the bar on what it means to represent change and equality. His journey is a sight to be behold, and his future has just begun.