Bold Artists is now Bold Artists & Advocates! Every Friday, we’ve been featuring the work and story of an artist who devotes their talent and passion to the idea that plus bodies deserve representation and admiration! Well, we want to expand even further! There are so many great stories of plus advocacy out there, performed by people in a variety of industries. So, we’ll be sharing all of their stories on this platform! 

This week’s Bold Advocates of the Week are our friends at the Broadway Body Positivity Project! Stephanie Lexis and her team are committed to their mission of “promoting body-positive casting in musical theater for all shapes, sizes, and abilities.” They focus on challenging body stereotypes in the performance world, encouraging change in university theatre programs, and creating opportunities for all performers.

And nobody does Halloween better than the theatre crowd! Tune in to watch Broadway Body Positivity Project’s Halloween Quarantine Cabaret, Sunday, October 25th at 8 pm ET for “spooktacular renditions of show tunes and pop songs!”

Watch on their Facebook page or YouTube

To learn more about Broadway Body Positivity Project, check out our past interview with Stephanie