By Cyrille Vincent

As we watch one of the most important elections of our time unfold, we can’t help but think back to other pivotal points in history. Which is why our choice for Bold Artist & Advocate of the Week, Cyrille Vincent, is perfect! 

This article, from our summer magazine, shares Cyrille’s reflections on directing “Woodstock: The Guide”, a documentary in which he explores the energy and culture of the original Woodstock in 1969, and chronicles his own recent trip to Bethel to see what still exists of the peace, love and music era. 

Cyrille is a prolific artist who has a passion for delving into the stories behind historical events and infamous names, as well as the legacy of lesser-known figures from the past. He produces “History Around Us”, a series that chronicles notable monuments and sites around the country, with a focus on Massachusetts. Cyrille’s visual art studio, Solidarty, features the work of diverse, progressive creators from a variety of backgrounds and voices, and he is a strong supporter of the thriving Worcester, Massachusetts arts scene.

You can follow Cyrille and his projects at:

and @solidarty_official on Instagram.