Happy Cyber Monday! If you’re wondering what deals are the best to shop, or if you’re interested in supporting small businesses today, Bold have got you covered. We’ve rounded up several of our favorite small businesses for your to check out that are having amazing Cyber Monday deals. Also, there’s a surprise discount for our Bold readers at the end of the article. Get in there!

Mellow By Design

Interested in how CBD can help you, but not sure what to ask? Mellow By Design has you covered. 

This friendly, trusted company, based in Massachusetts, focuses on quality, consistency and transparency as their guiding values. Head to their site to view their products, all made with sustainably-sourced, lab-tested, organic ingredients. No guesswork here. The Mellow team will help you find the best option for everything from sleep issues or stress relief, to pain management. They’ve even got offerings for pets! And CBD-infused hand sanitizer! 

Check out MellowByDesign.com and find your mellow!

House of Correia

This seems like the perfect year to start focusing on what we already have (or what we can create) and turning it into a gift. Enter House of Correia, where upcycling is essential! 

When two badass babes were randomly paired together in the Fashion Institute of Technology dorms a few years ago, they had no idea they were about to embark on over a decade of adventures fueled by their love of vintage and sparkle. Today, co-founders Keriann (@madeincorreia) & Angela (@angelabasolis) hand adorn sunglasses & handbags with unloved vintage jewels that were once trash, staying true to their mission of sustainable fashion and radness. These revived treasures turn into empowering, one of a kind accessories for all! “So much already exists,” says Keriann, who recalls seeing a lot of waste in the corporate fashion world. “This is our answer to that.”

So if unique, glam accessories with a past is your passion, head to House of Correia! P.S. They make mask chains, too!

 IG @houseofcorreia     

Vandera Jewels

2020 has been the year of much needed growth and grounding. If you find yourself constantly stressed and busy, maybe it’s time to take up something meditative! Did you know that even jewelry can help with that?

Vandera Jewels is a jewelry, meditation, and crystal shop perfect for your Cyber Monday finds! If you’re interested in crystals, calming vibes, and beautiful jewelry, look no further than Vandera Jewels. Even if crystals and meditation aren’t your thing, Vandera Jewels is the perfect place to shop for all your jewelry needs.

You can find Vandera Jewels on their Instagram, and shop on their website.

Wintress Watson Beauty

Are you looking for small biz that’s in the plus size fashion industry? What about a plus size makeup artist focused on fat liberation and empowerment? Look no further than Wintress Watson Beauty.

Wintress Watson beauty empowers others through self love and their beauty brand, particularly focused on plus size humans. If you’re shopping small this Cyber Monday, make sure to stop by their Instagram and show them some love!

Fun fact: Wintress Watson also offered Paparazzi Consulting! You can find more info on those services here.


Are you looking for some sweet gifts this Cyber Monday? Lollipopdreamz may be the perfect fit for you, as the duo makes earrings for people of all ages. This includes kids, too!

Lollipopdreamz is a woman-owned, small jewelry business designed for kids, teens, and adults alike. We are two friends, one a designer and one a dabbler, dreaming up fanciful earring designs for the special people in your lives.

You can check them out on their website for all the earrings of your dreams!


Glamour & Glitter, Pfashion & Pfame! Is not only the name of one of their newest paintings, it also describes the sibling duo behind Pfeifle-Parker.

Made up of fashion creator Alan Parker and his sibling, drag queen artist Sassy Parker. “We named the brand after our mother,” Alan says. “When she came to this country, she got teased because of her last name; it has a silent P, it doesn’t sound the way it looks – because it was different.” Pfeifle-Parker puts ‘Different’ front and center. “Clearly one-size does not fit all, so we like to approach fashion in that way. Everybody should be able to feel Pfierce!” Sassy points out. “We celebrate your ‘different’ by designing our ‘different’.”

Influenced by pop culture, comic book-nerd culture, LA beach city vibes and old world New England tradition, Pfeifle-Parker curates a collection of hand-made fashions, vintage gifts and pop culture nostalgia for their Etsy store. Remembering the past while manifesting the future. “We celebrate what makes you Pfabulous! And remember,” Sassy reminds, “The P is EXTRA! Just like us!” Visit their Etsy store at: etsy.com/shop/PfeifleParker and follow them on social media: @PfeifleParker

Manifold Studios

@manifolddev, @manifoldmare, @kimberleejphoto and @manifold_studios

You may have seen our recent piece on trauma informed photographer Devon Dadoly of Manifold Studios!

Manifold Studios is a trauma informed photography studio run by Dev, Mare, and Kimberlee. Dev believes in fat empowerment and making everyone feel safe and comfortable in the studio. They also offer grief counseling guides and various other classes as well. If you’re interested in a boudoir shoot, or even a shoot that’s just about empowering you, look no further than Manifold Studios.

You can find them on their website or Instagrams: @manifoldev, @manifold_studios, @manifoldmare & @kimberleejphoto.

Posh Goth

We’ve told you about Posh Goth before, and we are still in love with them! Wanna look wicked? Well… Good! 

Because Posh Goth is an independent makeup retailer out of Acton, Massachusetts. The owner and head apothecary, Jacqueline (Jackie) Abner has a passion for fragrances and makeup. Jackie is exactly who you’d expect to be making super cool goth makeup: a laid back, hard working business woman with an alternative approach to success… treat people with kindness and respect and be generous with yourself and your time. She’s been doing this for 20 years and calls it her “olfactory fetish.” 

Feel free to check out all of their links below 

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/PoshGoth/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poshgothapothecary/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxPcCBjWKnVWJTQ7nDewNkw/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Poshgothapothecary


Punaballoo is the brainchild of self-taught artist, Angela Sheehan. Angela began painting in Acrylics at age 3. Her creative life has included everything from a televised puppet show to standup comedy and knitting. All the while, painting was her constant. Punaballoo was born by accident in the middle of lockdown, during the Coronavirus Pandemic…or should I say Pundemic? So punny. After being partially furloughed from her job and going stir crazy she started to do some painting for fun. She decided her subject should be her immortal, succulent, Walter. When the picture was completed she asked her husband how it looked. His immediate response was “Now, put Succ it on there.” She laughed and added the requested caption, shared her work on Facebook. Her friends and family loved her quirky style, encouraging her to sell her creations. Now, you can find her fun, pun, designs on mugs, totes, aprons and more at the Punaballoo Etsy Shop.  

Art With a Cause

As someone who has been deeply affected by both mental illness and trauma, it is important to Angela to help others heal. That is why Punaballoo has partnered with the nonprofit organization, The Art Therapy Project. A portion of each sale will be donated to help fund the free art therapy classes they provide to those struggling with mental illness and trauma.

Social Media Handles:

Facebook @punaballoo 

Instagram @punaballoo

Twitter @punaballoo


Website coming soon: punaballoo.com

Bold Magazine

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