Every Friday, here at Bold we like to highlight an advocate or artist who is out there promoting positivity in the plus space! This week, we are highlighting fat artist, Kathryn Hack.

Kathryn Hack is a fat, queer, disabled artist and former pastor. She came to fat art as a way to cope with a chronic illness diagnosis (lipedema, a progressive fat disorder). Her body liberation journey provoked what she likes to call her Fat Awakening. Last year she created the hashtag #fatawakening

In addition to her art, Kathryn speaks and teaches about the intersections of liberation work and spirituality. She has been interviewed in magazines and on podcasts.  

Kathryn’s artwork is available in her Etsy shop Fat Mystic. https://www.etsy.com/shop/fatmystic

She’s also working on her first book detailing her body liberation and spiritual journey. 

Kathryn credits creativity, self-compassion and her irreverent sense of humor with helping her cope with divorce and coming out as queer late in life. She has two magical, school-aged kids who delight and exhaust her simultaneously. 

Follow Kathryn at @kathrynhack