Surprise! The Bold Artist/Advocate of the week is coming two days early, since we are all about to jump into celebrating the holiday season. This week, our Bold Artist/Advocate is young pop singer/songwriter and body positivity advocate, CAROLINE. Check out Bold’s exclusive interview by writer Katiee McKinstry with CAROLINE below!

  • Bold Magazine: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you do.

    CAROLINE: I’m a singer/songwriter from California! I love to do anything creative.
  • BM: What inspired you to get into music, and how long have you been singing?

    CAROLINE: I was very inspired by music at a very young age, I loved reading lyrics, music, singing, dancing and writing songs for hours! I’ve been singing since I was 3.

  • BM: What inspires you to be BOLD?

    CAROLINE: I’m inspired to be BOLD because life is very short and we don’t know how many days we have so it’s so important to try and make every single minute count which includes being bold.
  • BM: What are your thoughts about the body/fat positivity movement? Do you consider yourself an ally or advocate?

    CAROLINE: I definitely consider myself an advocate, nothing bothers me more than body shaming because it’s so rude, un-empathetic and unnecessary. It’s so great to see that behavior not be acceptable anymore as it never should have been tolerated.
  • BM: What is your favorite part of what you do?

    CAROLINE: Creating the music is definitely my favorite part. I love writing songs and trying to find a unique way to spread my message. Being apart of the process of just having a one line idea and watching it become a full song is really cool!
  • BM: Any advice you would give to young women about finding their self confidence? Especially when it comes to body positivity.

    CAROLINE: I think finding self confidence is definitely a journey and even the most confident people have their insecure days but it’s so important to tune out a lot of the noise for example bullies, comments that personally trigger you, judgements, and unhealthy standards that are portrayed in the world. It’s hard to tune out but I’ve found it so vital to staying sane and confident. This one may be strange but sometimes I use the fake it til you make it technique so even if I’m not feeling great about myself I’ll push myself to still do things, speak up for myself etc. because life is way too short to be insecure about things out of our control.
  • BM: How do you use your music to promote inclusivity and hope?

    CAROLINE: I like my productions to be sounds that automatically uplift and relax the listener almost like ASMR, certain synths and chords can do so many amazing things in that way. Then lyrically, my songs are a bit darker because I write from personal experience. I also feel there is a spirit of inclusivity when you make others not feel as alone by writing about things that they’ve been through. Right now, I’m focusing on toxic relationship and not just romantic relationships but friendships, work relationships, etc. Toxic relationships/dynamics are so isolating and can feel hopeless because they’re difficult to leave but I hope songs like “Pretend,” “Against US” and “Simple”  makes those in these dynamics who have maybe felt brainwashed, used or manipulated feel understood. Then I hope songs like “I Know Better” and “We Should Break-Up” let people see the red flags in their relationships and then hopefully leave.
  • BM: What is your favorite thing you’ve worked on so far?

    CAROLINE: My favorite thing has probably been my Christmas special/concert that I just did called “Christmas with CAROLINE.” Because of Quarantine, I haven’t performed in a really long time and forgot how much I missed it. It was also really fun because I tried my best to make it a show with costume changes, props and choreography.

  •  BM: Any big plans for the future?

    CAROLINE: I have a new song coming out on December 11th that I’m really looking forward to called “Healthy.” I also have a lot of really cool remixes coming out by some very talented creators in the anime community!
  • BM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

CAROLINE: Thank you so much for your time! I hope you enjoy my new song called “Pretend.”

You can follow CAROLINE on her Youtube channel, Instagram, Facebook, and her TikTok along with her community of 300k+ followers! Check out CAROLINE’s latest reflective single that just dropped, “Healthy.” Now streaming.