(Content warning: references to misogynistic language; mocking of suicidality; talk of eating disorders; weight gain; diet, fat shaming and bullying.)

Youtuber and plus size sex icon Trisha Paytas was recently fatshamed by hairstylist, Hair by Jay in an extremely disgusting Instagram Live. Paytas has spoken out about this and expressed her pain and frustration from the blatant bullying, especially the explicit fat shaming.

If you know anything about Paytas, you know she is not scared of speaking out. She has a very controversial history, but has been reclaiming her power and her image in the past few months on her popular podcast, Frenemies. Paytas has always struggled with her weight, to the point where she has expressed her diagnosis  of BED (binge eating disorder.)  Paytas had a huge rise to stardom from filming her Mukbang videos; where she eats large amounts of food on camera and chats about her life. While Paytas is plus size, it has never wavered her confidence; she proudly eats what makes her happy, wears what she wants, and never apologizes for who she is.

So when Hair by Jay decided to attack Paytas publicly, it was saddening to see just how hurt Paytas was. Hair by Jay is the wig stylist of Jeffree Star, who went on a trip with Star and Paytas back in 2020. During the trip, Star and their cohorts spent a fair amount of time making fun of Paytas, her weight, her skin, and how “poor” she was for renting her home. Yikes. Paytas then distanced herself from them, coming home traumatized from the bullying. In a recent video, Paytas mentioned that Hair by Jay overcharged her for her wigs on that Vegas trip, which sparked his Instagram live response. Paytas reacted in a Youtube video. 

In the video, Paytas is visibly upset and she reacts live to Hair by Jay’s Instagram live video. While Hair by Jay has, in fact, apologized for his behavior, is live stream is extreme disturbing, filled with offensive terms such as “b*tch”, as well as mockery of Paytas’ past suicide attempts. At one point, he begins to make fun of Paytas for her weight, and says that “all that fat is f–king her brain.” He goes on to call Paytas stupid, and belittles her intelligence, attributing it to her size.   

In what world does being plus size equal stupidity? Paytas has openly struggled with her body image, and Hair by Jay has the audacity to say something like that? The apology, like many offered after a strong reaction from the public, doesn’t undo the pain inflicted or the bigotry that was revealed. His comments  highlight the inherent fatphobia that resides in the minds of people in our country. Star and Hair by Jay live in a world of straight-size privilege, where they can say things like this and have resounding support. In short, we as a society have so much work to do to eradicate fatphobia. Not to mention, this is extremely triggering for not only us to see, but for Paytas to endure. 

In her podcast with fellow controversial Youtuber H3, Frenemies, Paytas goes more in depth with what happened. Star, as well as Paytas’ former BFF Shane Dawson, have had a history of making fun of people in racist and misogynistic ways. Paytas has cut ties publicly with both of them, and has evidence from others that this blatant fat shaming occured. Paytas is more fixated on some of the other drama at hand, but it is important to really recognize the fatphobic comments made towards her because it illuminates the fatphobia that still lies within the United States. 

While Paytas is extremely controversial and has a tumultuous past, that is not the discussion at hand. In the same way that Donald Trump’s body never needed to be an issue. The message is that fat shaming doesn’t become acceptable because the target is disliked. The behavior doesn’t get a pass because the victim themself is intolerant. No one deserves to be fat shamed, ever, especially not in that way. No one deserves to be bullied. No one deserves to be ridiculed based on their skin, weight, or overall appearance. No one is stupid because of their weight. Everyone deserves to be loved. 

Like Paytas, many plus size people display their lives publicly online and are met with fat shaming hatred. This is, and never will be, okay. In order to move forward, we must have these conversations surrounding fat phobia and bullying to help to educate others on its harmful impact. Just because someone is negatively viewed, or even considered to be a “bad person” doesn’t mean they are acceptable targets for body shaming of any kind. While Paytas has said some offensive things and mistreated others, like when she offended the DID and trans communities, at the end of the day she still does not deserve to be called stupid because of her weight. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and love, because that’s how we learn and grow.

When Paytas saw Hair By Jay’s Instagram stream, she was visibly upset; she began to cry, and was clearly traumatized by every mean comment. Hair By Jay’s video was even traumatizing for others to watch, as he says the most vile and awful things from a place of pure fat phobic hatred. Did Paytas deserve this? Absolutely not. No matter what she has done in the past, she is allowed to take up space in this world, just as anyone else is. Paytas is not stupid because she’s plus size, and just because she has a controversial past does not mean she deserves to have her body ridiculed. Make it make sense.

We stand with you, Trisha.