This week on Bold, we are highlighting one of our newest Bold Bosses, Kelly Robinson!

Kelly is a plus size model/ influencer/ body positivity advocate and brand ambassador. She has been modeling for three years and loves how confident she’s become and how empowered she feels while inspiring others to live out loud and love themselves! 

Check out Bold’s exclusive interview with Kelly below.

What type of modeling do you do?

I do lifestyle, editorial, runway and print modeling. 

How did you get started?  

A few years ago a coworker asked me if I ever considered modeling. She knew a group of women who were teaming up to promote body positivity through thought provoking imagery; the rest is history! 

What’s an average work week like for you?

I’m CNA by day, I’ve always had a compassionate & kind temperament. When I’m not caring for the elderly, I’m taking care of home and family; cleaning cooking and learning how to TikTok from my twelve year old niece. Im also emailing magazine editors, practicing makeup application and connecting with photographers and event coordinators. In addition to this I also enjoy networking on social media & creating fun content for my friends, family & followers. 

What makes you BOLD UNIQUE & AWESOME?

I’d say my confidence, my sense of style & the respect I have for myself and others. The ability to inspire others to feel comfortable with themselves and to love themselves no matter what size they is say makes me pretty awesome! 

What’s your go to style/ color/ accessories? 

Hmm. My go to style is typically comfy with a pop of sparkle. I love dresses, leggings & layers. An A-line dress in any color is my absolute best friend! Must haves are gold hoop earrings and comfy shoe in addition to a large tote to carry all of my unnecessary belongings. Lately, however my style has completely depended on the event and its location. 

Tips for aspiring plus size models/influencers?   

Never ever give up and try not to take everything personally. If modeling is what you love & it brings you joy. Do it. Regardless of size! Regardless of what others think of you. Go out there have fun and prove them all wrong!! Your hard work will pay off!! You are your biggest fan!

Family and personal life/ supporters?        

My family and personal life can be challenging as I imagine it is for many individuals right now. However they are very supportive and keep me grounded. The most supportive people in my life are my partner and my mother! 

Day job?        

During the day I’m a CNA (certified nursing assistant) at a thriving assisted living facility in my area. Here I’ve assisted the elderly and provided companionship for four years. 

Credit: Ariel King Carry

What does being an influencer/ model mean to me? What do I hope it means to others?         

Being a plus size model has been extremely rewarding and eye opening. From allowing my self to heal from past trauma and giving myself permission to love ALL of me to inspiring and encouraging others in my community and family to do the same! I’ve flourished into a beautiful, confident and intelligent women on this journey and I plan on spreading this joy all over the world! 

What are some things I’ve noticed in the world that’d I’d like to advocate to change?        

Racial injustice, inequality & police brutality are a few of the issues I’ve notice in my life that need to change. The justice system is broken and needs rebuilt. Without getting too in-depth, these are just a few things I advocate to change. I’d also like to see more inclusivity (body type/ POC) all across the board! 

What does beauty mean to me?           

Beauty is more that what others see of you. It’s more than a strangers perception. To me beauty is what you feel in your heart when helping someone less fortunate or how you speak to someone who seems to be having a bad day. Beauty is what you make of it & it’s what you feel! Anything more is a bonus! 

What does fat acceptance mean to you? Body positivity? 

Acceptance is one of the most difficult tasks as humans we encounter. Accepting who we are no matter the color or texture of our hair, the size of our waist or the fact that your thighs kiss is your super power!! Loving yourself out loud with no remorse to me is so incredibly powerful! Celebrate your body no matter how society may make you feel because it’s the only one you’ll get!! 

You can follow Kelly here:

Facebook: Kelly Robinson/ Kelly R Plus Model 

Instagram: kellzbellzzz

Snapchat: kellzbellzzz5

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Credit: Adeva Rae