Here at Bold, we have an amazing group of brand ambassadors called our Bold Bosses. Kristie Stumpf-Rork is one of those Bold bosses. Kristie has become a huge part of our community and today we celebrate her and her journey through a recent breast cancer diagnosis.

Read more about Kristie’s story of battling cancer during COVID below. We stand with you, Kristie!

“Navigating through this cancer journey through the COVID wild since November has been difficult. However, when I think about the hundreds of thousands of cancer patients throughout the nation that have had to endure appointments, procedures, surgeries, and treatments alone and in isolation due to the pandemic, it breaks my heart!” Kristie says. 

“Emotional and physical support are important components of recovering from cancer! I want the world to know that cancer patients NEED emotional support! I want to shout it from rooftops, rattle the chains, stomp on the floorboards, and make some noise! It has become my FIGHT SONG!”

EIC  Janet Conroy-Quirk shared her thoughts. “At Bold, we refer to Kristie Stumpf -Rork as our Bold Cheerleader. It’s not just her beautiful smile and inspiring optimism that has earned her that nickname. Kristie genuinely cares about others and loves seeing them thrive and succeed. That’s a very noble quality that comes from having a heart that is full of love and happiness. Even during this frightening, painful experience, her focus has been on how to help others. It’s really quite moving.”

Kristie has been featured in a number of different publications where she has shared her story. Some of those include:

If you are interested, Kristie also has an open GoFundMe to help with the expenses of medical bills. Help support her journey here:

Likewise, Kristie has also created a petition to help cancer patients receive much needed emotional care and support during the time of COVID. Read more about and sign the petition here.

Kristie, we love you and stand by you during this time! Thank you for being BOLD!