We guess Instagram isn’t as powerful as we’d like it to be. Maybe it’s because plus size bodies are hidden?

Last week The National Enquirer’s “50 best and worst beach bodies” was published and it spread all over social media with some serious airplay on Instagram.

The magazine’s front page was full of celebrities from toned sculptures to others resembling the 68+% of humans we see every day.

Tess Holliday, American plus size supermodel was nominated (nominated? voted? chosen?) worst beach body of 2021. With a clap back on instagram in true Holliday style, ” IT MAKES ME MAD BC ITS 2021 AND WE ARE STILL PUBLISHING TRASH LIKE THIS?!!!” Tess was one of many celebrities to push back.

Others like Janice Dickens and Goldie Hawn were discussed and criticized for wrinkles and body fat. But, one of the most profound quotes came from Jameela Jamil on Twitter:

I didn’t wear a swimsuit for almost 20 years because of what I was indoctrinated with about beach bodies as a kid. It is amazing that they are still happening. That people still take and sell these photos. Is this company a money laundering front? Who buys this obscene dog shit?

None of this stopped the presses, unfortunately, as grocery stores are stocked with new issues of Star Magazine. On the cover, Valerie Bertinelli, asking to not be called fat. This is an apparent quote from 3 weeks ago in which she responded to a body shamer. 

First of all, the word “fat” has always been a descriptor. So, to ask not to be called fat in 2021 is really not okay. But, does it also need to published? 

As long as there is controversy around size, we’ll unforunately always have something to write about. 

What do you think? Will we ever get away from the size/weight conversation in media?