Starting a new hobby like quilting means you must learn a lot of information, like where to buy the necessary supplies. Large crafting stores are often the first place new quilters look because they promise to have everything. But visiting a dedicated quilting store, either in person or online, is the best way to go. Keep reading to learn three reasons to buy fabric from a quilting store.

Better Quality

There are several key differences between quilt store fabric and chain store fabric, and all of them point to the fact that quilt stores have better quality fabric. Quilt stores provide fabric with the ideal thread count and size for quilting. This is what helps your fabric stay together as you sew. No quilter wants their fabric unraveling as they try to work, and new quilters can find this problem particularly distressing since they’re still learning so much about the craft. Avoid this problem by shopping at a designated quilt shop and ensuring that the thread count of the fabric you’re buying is around 70 and that the threads are thick.

Better Customer Service

Every business, whether part of a chain or a local business, trains its employees in customer service. But locally owned businesses often provide better, more genuine customer service that focuses on serving you, whereas many chain business employees are focused more on a paycheck. As a new quilter looking for fabric for the first time, you need the more genuine help local businesses offer, so you can ask questions and get the answers you need. Even dedicated online quilting stores can help you navigate this new hobby in a friendly manner that will boost your confidence as you learn more about quilting.

Better Bang for Your Buck

When you first look at the fabric prices at a quilting store, you may think that the quality and the customer service aren’t worth it. Individual stores often charge more than chains, and the prices can add up quickly. But the old saying that you get what you pay for comes into play in this scenario. If you go to a chain store where you pay less, you’ll experience lower quality customer service and bring home fabric that won’t withstand the test of time. That means you’ll get a better bang for your buck, even if it’s more bucks than you initially thought you’d spend, at a quilt shop than a chain.

The three reasons to buy fabric from a quilting store are because these shops have better quality, customer service, and bang for your buck. Even though quilting stores are often more expensive, especially for new quilters, the quality of the fabric and customer service is worth every penny as you take your purchase home to create something beautiful and unique.