If you’re an esthetician experienced with wax, then you know that waxing can be uncomfortable for your client. While everyone who signs up for waxing knows that it won’t be pain-free, many are surprised by how much their first time can hurt. As their esthetician, there are some things you can do to help them be more comfortable and relax through the waxing process. Keep reading to learn how to help clients relax during waxing appointments.

Calm the Senses

Your client’s sense of touch is about to become very sensitive as you use wax to remove their hair and exfoliate their skin. While there’s little you can do to calm that sense, you can help their other senses remain calm. Start with sight: use gentle ambient light instead of harsh overhead lights. Move on to sound: play relaxing music or white noise. Allow them to pick from a playlist so that they have more control over the experience. And don’t forget to use a soothing tone of voice when you talk.

Next is scent. Ask them before their appointment about their favorite scents and essential oils so that you can spray them in the air for extra relaxation. If they’re unsure what scents they prefer, try traditional calming ones, like lavender and chamomile. While there’s not much you can do for taste during this process, make sure they have water if they need it. Taking care of their senses is one way to ensure your clients have a great waxing experience.

Keep Them Informed

New wax clients are entering into an experience they’ve never had before. While they can research and learn about what a typical wax is like online, you’re the esthetician they’ve come to. They trust you. Continue that trust and help them relax through this new experience by keeping them informed. Tell them which area of the body you’re preparing to wax and count down before removing the wax so that they know what’s happening.

When waxing areas they can’t normally see, like the backs of the legs, provide a mirror so that they can see and feel what you’re doing. After the appointment, tell them what they can and can’t do to their freshly waxed skin, and send them home with the same written instructions so that they don’t have to worry about remembering everything.

Encourage Them

New experiences can be intimidating, especially when they’re also painful. While this is an experience they’ve committed to, it doesn’t hurt to have a cheerleader. Since you’re probably the only other person in the room, it’s your job to be both esthetician and cheerleader. Tell them what they’re doing right and encourage them as they go through their appointment. If you’re uncomfortable with providing encouragement through the waxing process, allow them to bring someone else along for moral support.

You can help clients relax during waxing appointments by calming their senses, keeping them informed, and encouraging them through the process. New wax clients will be nervous about this experience, and as their trusted esthetician, it’s your job to help them relax. By doing so, you’ll create repeat clients who enjoy their time with you.