Step out into the world with your best foot forward. Achieve the celebrity look by following a few key practices. Check out this excellent list if you’re interested in the best Hollywood glam tips and tricks. You don’t want to miss this great advice!

Add Oil to Foundation for Dewy Look

The luminous, dewy look is popular, especially during the summertime. And you can achieve a subtle glow by adding oil to your liquid foundation. Before applying foundation, add a few drops of face oil into the product (or on your face). Blend the product on your face for a full coverage look, and you will look radiant in no time.

Switch Up Your Hairstyles With Wigs

Go from long beach waves to a pixie cut style within a matter of minutes (and no, you don’t have to chop your hair). Wigs are one of Hollywood’s best glam accessories because they’re beautiful and versatile. More celebrities rock wigs than you think! For example, Kerry Washington and Zendaya are among the famous black women who wear wigs with style. You can easily switch up your hair or test out a new look without committing to it yet. It’s a great beauty option!

Achieve a Glow With Highlighters

As previously mentioned, adding oil to a liquid foundation creates a dewy look. But, if you’re interested in a full-body glow, apply a highlighter to your skin. Wherever you want to shine, add a highlighter for an extra shimmer. For long-lasting wear, use body oil first and then spread the highlighter on your skin. This will moisturize your body while bringing in the shine!

Layer Your Winged Eyeliner

Among the best Hollywood glam tips and tricks, layering your winged eyeliner is a cool thing to consider! The first step is to create a wing with brown eyeliner and smudge it with a small makeup brush. Then you layer the brown liner with a black eye pencil and liquid eyeliner. Doing so adds layers and depth to the wing. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner frequently rock this winged liner look.