Whether you’re visiting or live in Texas, you know that Texas is known for its live music, BBQ, cowboys, and scorching summers. The average summer day is above 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and with dry air, it feels even hotter. Don’t fall victim to the hot weather. Instead, withstand it in style.

Before you head out to brunch or lunch with the girls, let’s look at some stylish clothing items to beat the Texas heat this summer.

Not Your Everyday Hat

Sometimes the best way to defeat the heat is by blocking the sun with a wide brim hat or a baseball cap. However, you don’t want to wear an ordinary hat but something that adds personality and “flavor” to your outfit. That means if you’re wearing an all-white ensemble, wear a hat with a bold color or a neutral tone. You can block the sun while still allowing you to have brunch in style.

Wear an Airy Kimono

Kimonos are fantastic for the breezy summer days. They’re airy and great for throwing over a tube top or sleeveless dress. You can dress the kimono up or down with accessories, heels, or sneakers. Rain or shine, you will feel like the wind blow and cool your body off with a kimono.

Flowy Linen Sundresses

Sundresses are a summertime staple. Pair your sundress with a cute pair of strappy sandals, a cute hat, and your favorite sunglasses for a relaxed but stylish look. You can wear a sundress when running errands or hitting up your favorite brewery; you will feel comfortable and breezy in the scorching Texas sun.

Breathable Lightweight Rompers

Rompers are great for a night out or a backyard get-together. Rompers are airy, breathable, and give you an effortless look. You can find them just about anywhere in an endless number of colors, patterns, or styles. If your romper is all black, you should add a pop of color to your ensemble with a colorful purse, sneakers, or sunglasses.

The summertime is all about having fun in the sun. Don’t let the Texas heat stop you from enjoying yourself! If you’re visiting Texas, use our tips for stylish clothing items to help beat the heat and show us your outfits!