Photography is a rewarding hobby, skill, or career path to pursue. You’ll need to start on the right foot to perfect your skill set. Check out this list of the best tips for beginner photographers and implement these practices today!

Grip Your Camera Right

Blurry photos are a common challenge for new photographers to face. Beginners often capture blurry images when they’re improperly holding the camera. Grip the side of the camera with your right hand and place the left hand beneath your lens. Doing so prevents movement and provides enough stability to capture perfect photos!

Understand Basic Camera Features

Every camera has different features. Depending on your equipment, you will encounter various systems and options in your device. Since you’re a beginner, you’ll likely use basic camera features to practice your photography skills. To familiarize yourself with the equipment, here are examples of camera features you should know:

  • Focus
  • Color balance
  • Zoom
  • ISO
  • Flash
  • Exposure
  • Shutter speed

Feel free to play with each of these camera settings as you take practice shots. Changing these settings can vastly change the resulting photos, so having an understanding of each setting allows you to create more purposeful shots.

Try Various Shooting Angles

Every photographer has their own style of capturing pictures. To find your style, try various shooting angles. There are tons of angles to choose from, including a bird’s-eye view, low angle, high angle, wide shot, and eye-level shot. When you find an angle that speaks to you, create a portfolio of pictures using said angle.

Plan Ahead for Photoshoots

When you’re ready to shoot subjects, planning is crucial—especially if you’re photographing large groups. Achieve the perfect shot and maximize your time with a well-thought-out photo session. For instance, one tip for taking family portraits with large backdrops is to create a set for the family. A cohesive scene with props and furniture makes sessions easier for everyone. Carefully arrange the family to fit everyone in the photo and complete a great shoot.

Sharpen Skills With Classes

Another beneficial tip for beginner photographers is to sharpen your skills by taking classes. Whether you sign up for courses at the local community college or shadow a professional, you can learn from various experts! Photography is a skill that people launch into careers or side hustles. If you’re interested in perfecting your skill set, classes are the best tools for practice.