Whether you’re returning to a solo-living lifestyle or striking out on your own for the first time, living alone has its pros and cons. Make informed decisions about your living situation by weighing these advantages and disadvantages.

Personal Space

First, let’s talk about the apartment itself. There are benefits to living in a one-bedroom apartment, but what’s it like to have the whole space to yourself?

  • Pro: You have complete creative control over your space. Put up your favorite posters and wall hangings without needing permission from a roommate!
  • Con: All of the household chores are your responsibility. If your apartment is a mess, you’ll have to clean it up yourself.

Social Life

You know yourself better than anybody else. How much socialization do you need?

  • Pro: You’ve got a space to yourself to recharge. After a long day of interacting with people, you can come home to a place where no one will bother you.
  • Con: Living alone can get…well, lonely! If you want company, you’ll have to invite somebody over.

Privacy and Safety

Will you feel more at ease living alone? Some folks feel more secure in their own space, while the relative isolation can be nerve-racking to others.

  • Pro: You won’t need to worry about anyone invading your privacy, from chatty roommates to family members fighting over bathroom time.
  • Con: Depending on your neighborhood, you may feel less safe living alone. Living with a roommate or family member offers peace of mind to some people.

Noise Levels

Think about your preferred level of noise in a living situation. Not all people have the same priorities.

  • Pro: You’ve got peace and quiet when you need it. If you work unconventional shifts and need to sleep when others are awake, living alone offers you this opportunity.
  • Con: Too much silence can feel lonely or even unsettling. A too-quiet apartment can highlight existing feelings of isolation.

These pros and cons of living alone provide food for thought as you hunt for apartments. You know yourself better than anyone; what might be a con to your best friend is a pro for you!