Attending a destination wedding is awesome! However, travel and prep logistics can turn everything into a headache. Set yourself on the right path by learning how to prepare for a destination wedding as a guest.

RSVP and Follow the Deadlines

Destination weddings run on a tight ship, and you must follow deadlines. This includes RSVPing by a certain date and meeting deadlines, like payments or travel accommodations. Essentially, make sure you do everything to get to the wedding on time!

Research the Location

It’s best to research the location to prepare for a destination wedding as a guest. International travel differs from local travel, and it’s important to know the laws and expectations. Research also prepares you for commuting within the area. For instance, some places don’t have Uber or Lyft. So before reaching the destination, you should download a local taxi app. The research will help you navigate the location and prepare for the future.

Book Travel Accommodations Early

Airfare, hotels, and car rides are all a part of traveling. So book accommodations early to find the best deals! This allows you to avoid those last-minute situations where you pay double or triple to reach the destination. Contact a travel agent to compare prices and ensure that you receive a reasonable quote. Sometimes if you book accommodations with other guests, you may receive cheaper airfare and hotel prices!

Do Beauty Prep Before Arrival

Unless you have a personal beauty team traveling with you, it’s best to do beauty prep before arrival. Of course, this doesn’t mean putting on makeup at the airport or styling your hair on the plane. Beauty prep gets small yet necessary tasks out of the way. For example, you can follow the ultimate guide to applying perfect dip nails and travel with a gorgeous manicure. A little prep work saves time, and you can enjoy the pre-wedding activities in style.

Understand Gift Etiquette

Destination wedding couples understand the cost of traveling to their event. For that reason, they don’t expect lavish gifts. In some cases, they don’t expect any gifts. So don’t pressure yourself into purchasing something expensive. For a nice present, stick to a monetary offering. This can be a gift card or donation toward the honeymoon.