Boots were made for walking and so much more, too. Shoes complete an outfit in so many ways: they provide practical and visual qualities and enhance the appearance of a completed look. More often than not, people’s eyes graze all the details of an outfit, including the shoes.

There are numerous factors to consider when finding the right heels, boots, flats, or slippers for you. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect shoes that fit all your needs and fashion aspirations.

Coverage Convenience

Shoes’ myriad of styles provides you with a variety of coverage options, from open-toed and exposed insteps to full-on concealment. Coverage affects both the practicality and visual appearance of your outfit. Shoes that completely conceal your feet, like boots and sneakers, offer more support and protect your feet from the cold, weather elements, and multiple other external influences.

Meanwhile, footwear that possesses a more open structural design—sandals, heels, and flats—exposes your feet to your surroundings. Concealment vs. open designs also affects the look of your outfit, influencing the fluidity of your overall attire. The type of footwear you choose depends on practicality, comfort with exposures, and the flow of your outfit from head to toe.

Complementary Aesthetic

A cohesive outfit features numerous pieces that complement one another visually. There are various ways to pair complementary aspects to your attire, from set color schemes to matching aesthetics. Choosing a shoe that pairs well with other components of your outfit ensures your look flows well and meshes together.

Material Maintenance

Footwear comes in a variety of material compositions, including leather, suede, textiles, synthetics, rubber, and foam. Certain fabrics, like leather and suede, require more maintenance than shoes made from synthetic plastic. Between the shoetrees used to maintain a shoe’s structure and the polishes, certain footwear upkeep requires an investment in both money and time. Depending on your budget and commitment to maintenance, certain shoes work better than others.

Optimized Comfort

In the great fashion debate between choosing shoes that offer comfort vs. style, many opt for comfort. Standing, walking, and dancing for an extended period apply a lot of pressure on your feet. Finding shoes that maximize comfort will provide optimized support and longer endurance. When selecting the right footwear for you, finding one that offers you the most comfort, whether in confidence or physical relief, makes the best fit.

There are lots of things to consider when trying to find the perfect shoes for you. Numerous factors affect your final decision, influencing the practicality and appearance of your look. No matter the type of shoe or the reason behind your decision, picking a pair that allows you to strut in style offers the most benefits. When styling a cohesive look from head to toe, the shoes you choose play a prominent role.