Your skills and education as an esthetician are what matter the most and can get you far. However, you have to ensure that potential clients know about your existence. Being a successful esthetician depends on a myriad of things, and one of the most important ones is your clientele. As such, it’s crucial that you learn about the best ways to grow your clientele as an esthetician.

Have Promotions

One of the best parts about working as an esthetician is that you’re in the business of making people look and feel better than ever. That’s why potential clients will love seeing that you’re running a promotion, as it allows them to get more bang for their buck. Moreover, a promotion is a fantastic way to get more people in the door and get the word out about your services. There are so many creative and holiday-oriented promotions you can go with, like a Christmas bundle or a new year’s rejuvenation service.

Show Your Work

While you and all your return clients know that you can do great work, others won’t know that if they don’t see it. Many people are apprehensive about receiving services from an esthetician that doesn’t have an online portfolio. That’s why one of the best ways to grow your clientele as an esthetician is to start an Instagram or website that showcases your work. You might also consider prompting your clients to leave reviews that you can post to your business’s Instagram or website.

Services for All

While most of your clientele will be female, you can’t forget that many males also seek esthetician services. However, they might be apprehensive about visiting your business if you don’t promote that. You don’t want to cut yourself off from an entire client base, so it’s helpful to advertise services specifically for men.

Even if some services are nearly identical, you could see a boost in male clients by listing “male wax” on your website. That’s one of the things to consider when waxing a male client, as they tend to have different needs and preferences. Moreover, male hair tends to be quite coarse, so you might take extra time to inform them about ways to prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating.