Whether you want to find that sleek, leisurely fall look or dress so that you’re bundled up for the cold, you can express yourself in hundreds of looks with country western-themed fashion. One of the most appealing things about western country fashion is that it applies to almost anything you wear. Here are some tips for choosing your western-themed fall photoshoot outfit to help you choose from the hundreds of outfits out there.

Start the Process Early

Before you ever begin a photoshoot, you should prepare well because it always makes the process much easier in the end. One thing to ponder is the photographer. Who you choose will impact everything greatly, from the venue to how the shots turn out. The photographer must know your requirements and be on board with everything you want.

Steer Clear of Distractions

It’s easy to get caught up in all the different designs and fashions you will be sorting through is easy. You should know that many patterns clash, so don’t be fooled by something that looks great on its own. Later, you might be distressed because it didn’t match an outfit or the theme. If you choose simple colors and patterns, you will likely have a much easier time with the theme. Here’s a pro tip: Fall photoshoots are a great occasion for a pair of western-themed cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat.

Choose Comfort First

No matter what, always make comfort your priority when you’re looking for something to wear. It doesn’t matter how good you think you look in the outfit—if it doesn’t fit well or is uncomfortable, don’t wear it! Your comfort level will determine how well your pictures come out, so ensure your clothes are cozy and boost your confidence. Think about it this way: If you find your clothing is restricting or not what you had pictured them to be, it might put you in a bad mood, which could negatively affect your photoshoot.

These are just a few tips for choosing your western-themed fall photoshoot outfit to get the ball rolling. You can make it what you want, and it’s sure to be a great photoshoot with these helpful tips and tricks.