A wine-tasting dinner is an excellent idea if you love to host gatherings. Many people enjoy trying new wine without the commitment of an entire bottle, allowing you to show off your wine knowledge and host a fabulous event. It’s a win-win!

Preparing for any party can be an undertaking, especially if you’ve never hosted a wine-tasting dinner. Below you’ll find excellent tips to help you prepare for a wine-tasting dinner. It’s sure to be a success.

Good Wine Glasses

You’re taking time to find the best wine for your party, and you can’t purchase just any wine glasses. A good wine glass should enhance each wine’s aromas, flavors, and textures.

You’ll need different glasses for each category if you’re serving multiple wine types, such as red, white, and sparkling. Don’t worry; there are multi-purpose glasses that can handle all the different categories. Don’t forget to purchase a couple of good corkscrews.

Other Necessary Supplies

You may be unaware of the necessary items you’ll need if this is your first time hosting a wine-tasting dinner party. Have pads of paper and pens for guests to jot down their thoughts on each wine. Ensure you have plenty of water available to help keep attendees hydrated and clear their palate between tastings and courses.

Provide spit buckets as a place where guests can discard unwanted wine. Outside of the dinner portion of the evening, provide enough bread and crackers. These are also excellent palate cleansers.

Table Setting Tips

Candles, perfume, and smelly flowers can interfere with the wine’s aroma and flavor. Ensure you don’t set the table with any of these aromatic items. If you want to use candles, purchase unscented ones. Let guests know on the invitation to refrain from wearing perfume to the event.

Jot Down Notes

You’re trying to educate your guests about the wines you’ve chosen to serve. Write down a few notes about each wine to tell a story to your guests about the drink they’re about to taste. The story can highlight local traditions, the history of the wine, or an interesting fact about the vineyard that produced it. Guests will love to learn about what they’re drinking.

What you’re wearing to the party shouldn’t be an afterthought. A cocktail dress is the perfect attire for a wine-tasting dinner party. There are many styles to choose from, and you can look stylish while staying comfortable.

With these tips in your back pocket, the wine-tasting dinner will go off without a hitch. All you need to do is enjoy the evening.