This is the time of the year when dinner parties are plenty. However, Christmas dinner parties might cause more anxiety and stress than the average one. The holidays are a time for friends and family, both new and old, to convene, surrounded by good food and drinks. If you’re taking on the challenge of hosting Christmas dinner at your home, there are some tips you should know beforehand.

Send Invites

Even though Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, it’s no secret that it can also be stressful. Old family rivalries might rear their heads, making you feel like you’re playing a game of battleship. It’s best to send out invites and coordinate with friends and family as early as possible to avoid these issues and annoyances. That way, your invitees can promptly RSVP, and you can know for sure who’s coming and who isn’t.

Start Early

Whether you’ve hosted so many that you lost count or this is the first dinner party you’re hosting, it’s normal to be overwhelmed with the responsibilities. Those anxieties can increase since there’s a lot riding on Christmas dinner. That’s why one of the greatest tips you should know before you have Christmas dinner at your home is to start early.

It’s never too early to start planning your menu, ingredients list, table settings, seating, and decorations. The best part is that decorating is a common part of the holidays, so it won’t feel so much like you’re solely preparing for your dinner party.

Section the Party Area

When you were a kid, you likely saw your mom cleaning every nook and cranny of the house in lieu of guests coming over. The idea of having guests over can send you into the same frenzy that has you cleaning unimportant areas. That’s why it helps to section off the party area of your home and hone in on cleaning this zone. Of course, you can clean other areas, but you want to ensure the party areas get most of your attention.