Countless people use honey to sweeten their morning tea or coffee and don’t think to use it beyond that. However, honey has countless uses. For example, did you know that honey has antimicrobial properties that fight against different types of harmful bacteria? That’s one of the many benefits that honey has, which is why you might consider adding it to your diet and lifestyle. Find out the top ways you can use honey for health and wellness.

Moisturize With It

As we all know, honey has a thick viscousness to it, which makes it great for moisturization. With the cold weather comes dry air that can make our skin feel tight, flaky, and itchy. During these times, it’s essential that we keep our bodies and skin hydrated. However, some store-bought moisturizers feel like they dry us out more than anything.

That’s why many people enjoy using honey as a moisturizer because it’s a hydrator that lasts. You may apply honey to your face as a mask to alleviate windburned skin. Moreover, you can take a soothing bath with a couple of tablespoons of honey.

Fight a Cold

Another fun fact about honey is that countless civilizations over the centuries have used it to help fight the common cold. But how does this work? One popular remedy is to have a spoonful of honey sprinkled with black pepper. These two ingredients have antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidizing properties that fight against colds and infections. With how many benefits it contains, it’s easy to see why consuming more honey is a good idea.

Alleviate Irritation

Have you ever gotten a mosquito bite that bothered you beyond belief? It might seem surprising, but one of the top ways to use honey for your health and wellness is to alleviate irritation. You can put a small dab of honey on an itchy mosquito bite to calm down the itchiness. In fact, you can do the same for minor cuts or scratches, as doing so will decrease the chances of infection.