You have likely walked past a stunning display of professional flowers and buckled at the price. While we wish we could have a professionally curated exhibition of flowers in our homes at all times, it’s not feasible for most of us. However, we can still create a stunning display that rivals the professionals; all you need are some useful tips. Find out more on how to make grocery store flowers look professional.

Don’t Forget To Snip

Once you have your chosen bouquet, one of the first things you should do is snip the ends of your flowers about a quarter of an inch. The ends of your stems will usually have some wilting, which makes it harder for your flowers to take in water. Cutting your stems helps your flowers take in more water and last longer.

Go for Long-Lasting

When you have a bouquet of flowers, you know there will be a time when you part with your display. However, you can make your flowers last longer by opting for varieties with longer lives. Some examples of flowers that last longer include orchids, roses, and lilies. Moreover, take a closer look at the flowers. It’s best to choose a mix that contains flowers with buds, as this will create a longer-lasting bouquet with stunning blooms.

Use Pool Noodles

One of the best ways to make grocery store flowers look professional is to utilize your space wisely, but how is this done? The biggest challenge with arranging on your own comes from your flowers spilling to the side of your vase.

Using a pool noodle is an awesome flower-arranging hack that uses everyday items you might not have known you could use. Cut a pool noodle about one to three inches thick and place your bouquet inside the hole. You can then place your flowers inside your vase, and that will keep your flowers from spilling outward and looking unprofessional.