A ski trip can quickly turn into a cold and uncomfortable outing if you aren’t prepared. Besides the typical items you would take when traveling, such as travel documents, medications, and local currency, there are some slope essentials you should bring to stay safe and comfortable. This article will be your guide to packing for a ski trip to help you enjoy your vacation.


The right clothing will make or break your trip because it will be cold. If you’re used to cold and snowy conditions, you know that layering is important for retaining warmth. When it comes to the dos and don’ts of layering for the slopes, the last thing you want to do is forget thermals. They will keep sweat from clinging to your body and making you colder. Next comes your insulator, such as a fleece jacket topped with a down jacket, and finally, your weatherproof shell or ski jacket.


There’s still some work to be done after layering appropriately. Ski bibs, also known as salopettes, will keep snow from getting into your base layers, even through your weatherproof shell. Ideally, salopettes should be comfortably loose, high-waisted, and have zippable or Velcro pockets and elastic leg cuffs. A helmet, gloves, a balaclava or neck-up, and ski goggles are all non-negotiable. They will keep your sensitive extremities warm. Goggles will protect you from snow blindness; be sure to wear goggles with UV protection and an anti-fog coating.


If you’re a first-timer and testing the waters, it’s wise to rent your gear. The last thing you want to do is spend money on expensive gear for a sport you might end up disliking. The resort should offer skis, snowboards, ski boots, ski poles, and other safety equipment for rent. Fortunately, most resorts also offer rental packages that bundle necessary equipment together, usually for a more affordable price.


Lip balm can be a serious skin saver, as your lips are bound to get chapped from the dry cold. Keep in mind that you won’t be on the slopes the entire time, so don’t forget to pack for other activities. Sunscreen is a must when parts of your skin are exposed, even if it’s cold and cloudy. The snow is great at reflecting UV rays.

Don’t forget to bring warm pajamas, slippers, undergarments, and other comfortable clothing for lounging—you’re on vacation, after all! Lastly, there will likely be a sauna, jacuzzi, or hot spring by the resort, so don’t forget your swimsuit!

With this first-timer’s guide to packing for a ski trip, you’ll be better prepared to tackle the slopes like a pro! Just remember to stay hydrated, stay warm, and have fun!