When you first start the wedding planning process, your head may spin at how expensive it can be! From bridal bouquets to videography services, every part of your ceremony and reception will cost money.

However, that’s not to say you can’t plan your dream wedding on a budget. With a little financial savvy and your priorities in place, you can use these tips to plan without breaking the bank.

Be Realistic With Your Finances

How much money can you realistically set aside for this wedding? Do you have family members chipping in? Take a pen and paper and crunch the numbers to arrive at a firm budget everyone involved can agree on.

Create a Budget Breakdown

Wedding planning experts have turned budgeting into a science over the years. There are plenty of things to consider when planning your wedding budget, such as devoting 40 percent to your venue, 10 percent to the band, and so on. Dividing your budget this way can create a rough blueprint for your spending, and you can always adjust it according to your priorities.

Decide on Non-Negotiables

Have a thorough and honest conversation with your partner about which elements you absolutely need for your wedding. Whether it’s a designer gown or a venue you’ve always loved, set your non-negotiables in stone early on. Then, you can choose budget-friendlier options for things you’re flexible on.

Choose “Non-Wedding” Options

As you and your partner source vendors for your wedding, consider being discreet about the type of event you’re planning. Once you mention that the service is for a wedding, the price rises significantly. For example, if you’re open to non-traditional reception food, think about ordering a fun cupcake display instead of a classic wedding cake.

Use Digital Invitations

Personalized paper wedding invitations can get expensive, especially if you’re planning a large wedding with lots of guests. Instead, go paperless for your invitations. RSVPs will be easier for you and your guests to manage, and you can personalize the invites to your heart’s content without the price tag.

Weddings are traditionally rather expensive—but they don’t have to be. If you and your partner are on a budget, don’t let it stop you from planning your dream wedding. Use these tips to divert your funds to where they’re most necessary, and don’t shy away from affordable options for the smaller elements!