You’ve probably seen others wearing western boots and thought they looked fabulous; however, you may find it more difficult to style them than you thought. Whether you have one pair or multiple, you should know several different ways to wear your western boots this year. Western boots may vary in popularity depending on your exact location, but you should wear them if you like them! Dive into these spring tips for styling western cowboy boots.

To Tuck or Not To Tuck?

Although you may see one style as better than the other, you can choose either. Many people prefer to tuck their jeans into their boots, while others like to wear them under their pant legs. Whichever style suits your personality or outfit choice is perfectly okay, but you should choose your jeans accordingly.

For example, you should stick to skinny jeans, leggings, or another skin-tight style if you want to tuck them into your boots, as they’ll look more uniform and create the most clean-cut lines. On the other hand, consider a wide-leg or flare option if you prefer letting your pants fall over your boots.

Don’t Underestimate Their Versatility

Western boots are incredibly versatile, and you can wear them for many different occasions. While you may think they’re only good for county fairs and field parties, you can dress them up for concerts, outdoor weddings, and nights out with friends. Never underestimate their endless versatility, and consider these ideas for upcoming events.

  • With a dress: You can wear a nice pair of western boots with a sun dress for an outdoor wedding or another semi-casual event.
  • With a skirt: Wear your favorite cowboy boots with a denim or fringe mini-skirt and a stylish tank for a night out with your friends.
  • With jeans or shorts: This is the most popular way to wear western boots, and you won’t regret pairing your favorite jeans or shorts with a graphic tee and boots for an upcoming concert.

You Can Wear Them in Any Season

Although you may think boots are only for fall and winter, you can wear your western boots in any season. You’ll look stylish and charming when wearing your favorite cowboy boots at anything from spring weddings to summer concerts to fall and winter dates. If your western cowboy boots are made from authentic leather, you can wear them in the dustiest, muddiest environments because they’re extremely durable. However, you should know how to keep your boots clean after exposing them to messy conditions.

Choose Your Toe Type

You may not know that cowboy boots come in various styles, and the toe type is the element that offers the most variance. Whether you prefer pointed, round, or square-toed boots, you’ll be the most comfortable in the style that fits your feet the best. Consider getting a few pairs if you prefer a different toe type for different occasions.

After learning a few spring tips for styling western cowboy boots, you’re ready to rock your boots this year! Although these boots work best for specific occasions, you can find a way to style your favorite western boots for almost any event or outing.