Marketing tactics are some of the most critical aspects of your business because they bring your products in front of customers, engage their attention, and help them decide on their purchases. Using promotional programs is a great way to incentivize and market to your customers. Learn how you can boost product sales with various discount offers.

Have Holiday Specials

Around popular holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, many individuals look for gifts for their loved ones. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to take action to attract new customers and keep loyal ones. With your target audience in mind, offer discounts at percentage-based or flat rates to build interest and popularity in your brand for more sales.

Create a First-Time Shopping Code

Whenever you click on a website, a pop-up might appear on the screen saying, “Click here for 10 percent off your first purchase!” This is a way to immediately draw in new customers and keep them on your website. Who could resist a discount like this? It’s a great way to establish a base of customers and keep them from clicking off your e-commerce page and shopping with a competitor.

Reward Previous Purchases

The goal for many businesses that sell consumer products is to obtain customers and retain their loyalty. A great way to keep your customers around for a second or third purchase is to include a discount or promotion within their previous order to encourage them to shop again. Several types of packaging inserts can advance your brand by bringing recognition and offering discounts that help enhance product sales. Leave a discount insert within the packaging for customers to find and use the next time they’re on your website.

Encourage Referrals Through a Discount

A referral program could potentially double your customer base and product sales because two individuals are now shopping at your e-commerce store. When someone purchases from your brand, consider adding a referral bonus that gives them and a friend a discount to spend on products. Word of mouth from loyal customers can boost product sales. But with discounts, more customers will be willing to share their love for your products.

While it might seem like discounts lower your revenue, they can actually be valuable tools to increase sales. If you’re not implementing them in your business, you could potentially be missing out on new customers! Which of these discounts will you develop for your brand first?