Distractions linger all about the house. All you want to do is focus on one task at a time so that you can quickly eliminate some unnecessary items taking up space.

However, belongings build up rapidly, and you might not realize it until it’s too late. Continue reading the ways to quickly declutter any room in your house!

Create a Goal for Each Room

Every room has a different purpose and different common items that clutter the space. You may find laundry scattered throughout the bedroom, toys and trash sitting in the living room, and appliances and utensils on the kitchen countertops.

Create an individual goal for each room—a vision that will help you organize the ideal space. If you must, create a checklist that allows you to check off the boxes as you complete tasks.

One space where this method can be especially beneficial is the garage, as this space can easily become the home’s junk drawer. Creating a garage cleaning checklist ensures you avoid shoving unnecessary items in this space, helping you effectively declutter any room without allowing the garage to become a storage unit.

Declutter One Area at a Time

Start by going through one drawer or cabinet and focus solely on that section.

If you regularly lose your focus while cleaning, decluttering can seem like a nearly impossible task. But when you work in one area at a time, the task is less daunting. Once that section is clean, you can move on to the next drawer or section of the room.

Separate Items Into Designated Piles

Donations, trash, and misplaced items go to another room. There’s no space for error here! Bring trash bags and clearly labeled bins with you.

As the items build up, they’ll remain in their designated location until they’re ready to move. Wait until the room is entirely clean to start moving those items. Trying to work in two spaces at once can become an additional distraction.

Focus on One Room Each Day

A decluttered home doesn’t magically happen. When you want to expedite the decluttering process, thinking about the clutter resting in each room of the house can overwhelm you.

The best way to remove unwanted items and create a fresher, cleaner space is to focus on only one room each day. Trying to clean the whole house in one day is intimidating! It’s more effective to tackle one space a day so that you don’t burn out. Before you know it, every room in your house will feel cleaner and more open!