Listening to and creating music is a wonderful form of expression that countless people enjoy. It’s likely that you are one of those people, which is why you want to learn a musical instrument. However, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed as to what instrument to choose, as some are difficult to learn. You should know some of the easiest instruments you can learn at any age.


Of course, it’s easy to surmise why drums might be an easy instrument to pick up. Making a steady beat or rhythm is right at your fingertips. In fact, many of us likely have played the drums in some form or another by tapping our hands on tables or pots to create a beat. In that, playing the drums will feel quite natural. Moreover, learning to play the drums is a better option for older adults who experience joint pain.


Seeing piano on this list of the easiest instruments you can learn at any age can be surprising as all those keys can seem overwhelming. However, learning to play the piano is easy, and the best part is that it’s an easy instrument to teach yourself to play. The piano doesn’t require complex hand placements like the guitar. If you’re interested in this instrument but don’t know where to start, consider an easy song to learn on piano for beginners, like Happy Birthday.


One of the biggest challenges with learning an instrument is that most are quite bulky, hard to transport, or even impossible without a group of people helping. Thankfully, you won’t experience that problem if you take up the harmonica. You can take it anywhere and play it at any moment. In fact, all you need to do is blow air into the slots, so there’s no complex musical handling needed.