You may feel as though owning a dog can keep you from connecting with other people and enjoying life, but that’s certainly not the case. Believe it or not, you may have many new experiences with your dog that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Even though some think they have to leave their pups at home alone or just stay home with them, there are many dog-friendly options for going out and enjoying time together. Explore a few fun ways you can get out and make friends with other dog parents.

Go to the Dog Park

If you have a local dog park, this is one of the best ways to meet new people with pups in your area. Many people take their dogs to play at these locations, and they may be looking for new friends to schedule doggy play dates with. If you find someone approachable at the dog park, consider striking up a conversation about your dogs and asking them if they’d be interested in a play date for the pups. This way, your furry friend will have someone new to play with, and you can get to know the owner while the dogs run around.

Take Your Pup to the Pet Store

You most likely need food, toys, supplies, and other items from the pet store, so consider bringing your dog with you. If your pup loves meeting new people, they will enjoy going to the store. Because this is a common place for fellow pet owners, you may be able to find a new best friend on a trip to the store. Take your time getting what you need, and be open-minded about talking to other customers.

Check Out a Dog-Friendly Café

Although most restaurants don’t allow pets inside, you might be able to find a local dog-friendly café or bar. This is perfect for people who don’t want to leave their dogs more than they have to; also, you may love this concept if you want to meet new dogs and owners. Whether you plan to stay for an hour or most of the day, a dog-friendly café is an excellent way to meet new friends or catch up with close friends with dogs.

Join an Online Pet Page

If you aren’t a fan of approaching new people in public, consider joining an online pet page to connect with other dog owners. Even if you don’t know what to share on the page, offering suggestions regarding gift ideas dog parents will appreciate is an excellent way to start conversations. After a while, other dog owners on the page may be willing to meet up with you and your pup for doggy play dates if you’re in the same area.

Hopefully, these ways to make friends with other dog parents will help you connect with other dogs and people in your community. Owning a dog may keep you at home more frequently, but having friends with their own dogs is an excellent reason to get out and have fun.