Antiques have monetary and sentimental value. They need proper care to preserve their beauty for years to come. Unfortunately, improper maintenance leads to damaged or broken items. You can avoid these issues by knowing what can ruin your antiques.

Neglecting Your Antiques

Neglect can damage your antiques. When you fail to preserve the items, they may dry, crack, or stain over time. Though most trinkets are sturdy, you can’t leave them in one area and forget about maintenance. Research your antiques and learn the best ways to preserve them. A great tip is to create a maintenance schedule so that you never forget.

Storing Them in the Wrong Climate

Poor storage can decrease the value of antiques, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Unlike most household items, you can’t store antiques in random places because they’re sensitive to climates.

For example, direct sunlight causes fading and discoloration. Extreme cold can warp wood and make items brittle.

It’s important to use the right storage solutions. For instance, storing your silver in a tarnish-proof cloth lining can extend the life of your Tiffany antiques. The material prevents excess exposure to air and contaminants.

Using Incorrect Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning removes dirt and dust from your antiques. However, chemical-based cleaners may damage pieces. Modern cleaners are too abrasive, causing discoloration or irreversible stains. Research your items and know what cleaning techniques are best for the antiques. The last thing you want is unintentional damage.

Refinishing or Painting Items

Another thing that can ruin your antiques is refinishing or painting them. Paint may damage and decrease the value of your antiques. If you want to spruce up items, take your antiques to a professional restoration service.

Experts have special paint and finishes that don’t compromise your trinkets. If you prefer a DIY project, consult an expert to ensure you use the right paint. They’ll also give you restoration tips on specific antiques.

Not Protecting Fragile Items

Children and pets are fantastic. However, they’re clumsy and may damage valuable antiques. Pets climb, scratch, and chew antiques, and children will likely touch or hold pieces. In both scenarios, antique pieces can break or suffer severe damage.

Protect fragile items by keeping them out of reach of children and pets. Consider storing items in cabinets with doors or on tall structures. Stay on the safe side and limit access to antiques.