Have you always wanted a Great Dane? This majestic breed is beautiful and stoic, which is why it’s so popular. It’s important to educate yourself before adopting a Great Dane. They have specific exercise, nutrition, and stimulation needs. Read on to learn more about what to know before adopting a Great Dane puppy.

Great Danes Get BIG

Everyone knows that Great Danes get big, but unless you’re around the dog breed 24/7, you can easily forget just how large they truly become. They received the title of “gentle giant” for a reason. Yes, they’re completely lovable, kind, and friendly, but the size is still a factor. They can easily steal something off a kitchen counter or knock things off a table. Your Great Dane could reach 150 pounds or more and grow over 30 inches tall from the ground to the head.

Nutrition Is Incredibly Important

Great Danes grow rapidly, requiring quality food to supplement the speedy growth. One important reminder is not to overfeed your Great Dane puppy. This wonderful dog breed is at risk for Wobbler Syndrome, a cervical spine disease that results in neurological pain and problems. Ask your vet which dog food is best for your Great Dane pup and how much they should eat each meal to prevent health issues.

Puppy Mentality but Large Physicality

Great Danes don’t start as small little puppies. Their significant size may cause you to forget they’re still a puppy after only a few weeks. You will have a massive puppy jumping to greet you, knocking over items, and galloping around the house. Before you bring your Great Dane pup home, spend time puppy-proofing the house. Place valuables where you don’t have to worry about them, and consider what pieces of furniture a pup might see as playground equipment.

Require a Good Amount of Exercise

Great Danes are strong and energetic, meaning they need a fair amount of physical stimulation to keep them in shape. They’ll become bored and get into trouble if you don’t provide enough mental stimulation and exercise. Aim for two hours of activity with your puppy each day.

Daily walks are one way to get your Great Dane puppy out of the house. Invest in the proper training collar type so that you can take them for walks around the neighborhood. You’ll want to train them not to pull and take off running, and the right collar type will help you guide your pup.

Do you still believe a Great Dane< is the right dog breed for you? Now that you know more about the breed and what to expect, talk with local animal shelters to find the perfect pup for you. After you find the perfect match, all you’ll need to worry about is bonding with your dog!