Many people contemplate getting a tattoo for years before they finally commit. You’ll probably feel excited and nervous. What will it feel like? Will I get the right design? You don’t want to make a mistake because a tattoo lasts a lifetime. Avoid these mistakes before your first tattoo appointment.

Going to the Appointment Hungover, Hungry, or Sick

Before your come in for your first tattoo appointment, ensure you eat a substantial meal, get a good night’s sleep, and drink lots of water. Taking care of these things will make the session go smoothly for you and your tattoo artist. Plus, the healing process will go quicker.

If you show up sick or hungover, you’ll end up feeling more pain. Your body will focus so much on healing from the sickness or night out that it will have difficulty healing from the tattoo. Alcohol in your bloodstream can cause bleeding, leading to difficulties for the tattoo artist. Eating a good meal and drinking lots of water will give your body the energy to sit through a tattoo session.

Ignoring Your Artist’s Advice

Many first-time tattoo enthusiasts have a tattoo idea they’d like to get, but a style or design may not translate the way you want to in the place you’d like. Your tattoo artist will explain their concerns and advice to help create the perfect tattoo.

Explain what you’re thinking to your tattoo artist, and let the creative genius create a unique tattoo for you. Listen to their advice and have faith in what the artist is saying. They’re the expert, after all.

Copying Another Artist’s Work

It’s easy to find a popular tattoo trend in 2023 and enthusiastically ask a tattoo artist to copy another artist’s design. This mistake is a huge no-no in the tattoo world. You wouldn’t copy a painter’s painting or a musician’s song. Tattoos are an artist’s artwork.

Feel free to bring another artist’s design as inspiration, but allow your tattoo artist to create something unique for you.

Not Having the Budget Talk

Tattoos aren’t inexpensive. You may have to save for a while in order to get the tattoo you want. High-quality designs and experienced tattoo artists aren’t cheap. Typically, the more detailed the style, the more expensive the tattoo. While booking the appointment, discuss the budget with the artist and studio. Do they require a down payment?

Some shops have minimum prices, meaning the smallest tattoo could cost 100 dollars. Understanding your artist’s cost will help you save and pay for the tattoo. You’ll avoid surprises when you’re paying. Don’t forget to tip generously.

After reading through these first tattoo mistakes to avoid, you’ll be ready to book the session. You’ll understand the dos and don’ts to ensure you have a fantastic session.