If you’ve ever opened a restaurant, you know it’s not exactly a walk in the park in terms of difficulty. Sometimes, your plans don’t play out how you want them to, and the process is full of setbacks and stress. However, you’ll benefit from following through with perseverance. Although food and service are crucial when it comes to your establishment, the design is also vital. Read on for a few important tips for designing your restaurant interior.

Create an Appealing Entrance

There’s no better way to draw people into your restaurant than creating an appealing entrance. That said, there are no specific guidelines or requirements you must do or have. Whether you put up spunky wallpaper, put up a customized neon sign, or hang florals from the ceiling, your entrance cultivates your guests’ first impressions of your establishment. You most likely only have one official entry to the restaurant—make it count.

Use Various Table Styles

Restaurants must have tables, but you have control over the shape, size, style, etc. While many dining spots have only one table type, consider using various shapes and sizes to configure the floor plan. You can count on having many different party sizes to accommodate a couple, two couples, a single family, a birthday party, etc. Therefore, having some small and large tables is the best solution.

You can also choose high-top tables for the bar area, but you need suitable chairs to go with them. In this case, you need to select the right bar stools to ensure you have comfortable seating options throughout the restaurant.

Don’t Forget About the Restrooms

Unfortunately, the restrooms are an afterthought when it comes to interior design. Although the seating area should be your primary focus, leaving the restrooms plain and undesirable isn’t an option. With that in mind, you can make the bathrooms match the rest of the restaurant’s décor to ensure an all-encompassing experience for your guests. When they enter your restrooms, they should feel like they’re in the same building.

Keep It Cohesive

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant with random décor, uniforms, dinnerware, etc., you know it’s not always the best experience. However, keeping your restaurant cohesive to a theme or aesthetic principle is the best way to make it appealing to customers. If it’s a sports bar, stick to that theme with tons of sports memorabilia and themed uniforms. On the other hand, a modern aesthetic should be sleek and minimal with appealing colors.

With these important tips for designing your restaurant interior, you can make the most of your establishment. Although there are probably tons of restaurants and eateries in your community, you can make yours stand out with an appealing interior and atmosphere.

Image Credit: Friends Stock – License: 270330671