The Bold Team

Sara Smith, Bold Clothing Collaboration

Meet the Bold Team

Christopher Salute, Editor in Chief, CEO of Bold Media, Inc.

Christopher Salute is CEO of Bold Media Incorporated, and is an expert in e-commerce, internet marketplaces, social media, and digital media marketing. His research includes weight discrimination, gender issues, and social media addiction. He has an MBA from Molloy College and his PhD from Hofstra University in Applied Organizational Psychology. Salute teaches business and technology courses at Long Island University and is the Asst. Dean of the College of Management. He also own a small consulting firm to help plus size women jumpstart their careers. He sits on numerous charity boards in his spare time.

Alyssa Roench, Director of Operations

Twenty-eight year old Texas Native, Alyssa Roensch, joined the Bold staff this past August. Being plus size since puberty, Alyssa learned at an early age that larger people often faced discrimination in almost all areas of life. Her passions include children with disabilities, feline nutrition, and advocating for the body positive, plus positive, and size acceptance movements. Roench is directly responsible for all Bold Magazine operations

Models (We are coming up with a much cooler and more empowering name) include:

Gabby Escamilla

Janet Conroy-Quirk

Myesha Nicole

Amanda LaCount

Shelbi Vaughn

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