JUNE 4 – Bold Joins the #PlusS...

Jun 8, 2019 by

Empowerment Through Numbers As a size-acceptance based empowerment group developed to merge those who struggle with being confident...

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Miami is Heating Up

Jun 6, 2019 by

Events in Southern Florida Ranging from Bashes to Coachella Style for this Summer! How do you keep up with all of the events that are...

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Two Bosses get Bubbly

Jun 5, 2019 by

Bubbly Bleu Boutique Grows in Plus Community Hey… did you know we’re having an event in Dallas as part of the Love Yourself Series? I...

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Bold is a Magazine!

Jun 4, 2019 by

Be Bold, Order One! Well… erm… sort of. You know we march to the tune of our own drums here. And, in our quest to become a full 48...

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What is Your Sexy?

Jun 3, 2019 by

“This is My Sexy” starts up in North Carolina    With our Big Dallas Brunch Event ramping up, we’re excited to announce a few of our...

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National Swimsuit Day

May 22, 2019 by

And Other Bathing Suit News Well, it’s National Swimsuit Day which is awesome! If you want to know where to strut your stuff, you...

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