Legal Notice


August 13, 2020

Bold Holdings, LLC stands behind its business reputation and its commitment to cater to the needs of women through academic writing, analysis, and market research at Bold Magazine. As the company has stated in the past, “It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment at Bold Magazine and Bold Holdings for the plus positive population to thrive.” We are dedicated to this mission. 

BOLD Magazine’s reputation is one of our business’s most valued assets. In general, when a business suffers an attack to its reputation it can result in grave financial losses due to loss of customers (our valued readers) or vendors in the community.  Thankfully, companies, and their owners, have legal rights against damaging false statements made about them by third parties.

Unfortunately, BOLD Magazine has recently been under attack on-line by certain individuals who are making damaging statements, some of them extremely harmful, as well as, largely untrue. The legal definition of defamation is essentially to injure one’s reputation by publishing a false statement of fact and may occur in written or spoken form. Defamatory claims or lawsuits may arise if reputations are intentionally harmed by untrue statements. After an attempt to resolve these matters in a professional manner, the company has had to seek legal recourse for the damage to its business reputation, which has been under constant attack. 

BOLD Magazine would like to remind its readers that it is not responsible for, nor advocates the content, comments or opinions posted or exchanged by others through our Website or Blog(s) concerning this matter. Additionally, BOLD Magazine retains its right to change, edit, or remove any harmful and untrue statements at its sole discretion.

BOLD Magazine will continue to move forward in a professional manner, but no longer will stand by and allow third parties to injure its wells established reputation and sully what its main business objective has always been, to empower women. The company believes that one stays BOLD by informing themselves of major issues and in this spirit would like to inform our readers of this matter to keep all of you informed.